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Transmute CLI

Work in progress CLI.

Very alpha, expect breaking changes...

Getting Started

$ npm install -g transmute-cli@latest  
$ yarn global add transmute-cli@latest

If you are brand new, you will need to setup some files, after running:

transmute setup

If you have configs stored somwhere, you can use them like this:

transmute setup --from ~/Code/secrets/.transmute/



Just a front end app, using transmute hosted services (this repo).

transmute init --basic .

This will create a new dapp, which is configured to use transmute industries hosted functions, ethereum and ipfs. This app provides a pure front end development experience for users who do not wish to configure functions, ethereum or ipfs, but who do wish to develop against hosted version of these services.


Dockerized app, api, ipfs and ethereum, fully configurable boilerplate.

transmute init --advanced .

This will create a new dapp, which contains these functions, as well as docker configurations for ethereum, ipfs and a demo web app. This boilerplate is meant to be a starting point for developers, not all of these services may be desired.

Dev Commands

$ npm install 
$ firebase init 
$ yarn transmute install globals 
$ yarn transmute login
$ yarn transmute echo 'hello' 

$ yarn transmute serve 
$ yarn transmute firestore 
$ yarn transmute accounts 
$ yarn transmute sign -m "100:0x6e13dbe820cdf54f79bde558ab1a6b6ff2261b42" 
$ yarn transmute sign -m "sign:0x6187a9e0fc30a546e7243c600518c098773f2f846a87c81a4831ffd03a9bd941"

$ yarn transmute recover -m <msg> -s <sig> 
$ yarn transmute patch
$ yarn transmute unpatch

Environment Commands


$ yarn transmute gen-node js dapp ../secrets/environment.secret.env ./environment.node.js
$ yarn transmute gen-web js ./environment.web.js


$ yarn transmute gen-mask ./environment.secret.env ./environment.example.env 
$ yarn transmute mig-env firebase transmute ./environment.secret.env 

TestRPC with ngrok

authtoken: TOKEN
    addr: 3001
    proto: http
    hostname: functions.transmute.industries

    addr: 8545
    proto: http
    hostname: testrpc.transmute.industries
ngrok start testrpc functions